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Credit Sweep Program

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We work with our clients to remove negative items from their credit to enhance their score. Our high-tech methods enable us to handle late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, repo’s, judgments, inquiries, and much more.

To ensure the quality of our services, we provide our clients with a back office that will give them access to monitor all the progress, all the deletions, and removal of inquiries. We also do speedy restoration for clients that are looking to purchase homes. With the speedy restoration, our customer will have their credit in good standing within 45 days.

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Customer Reviews

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Edward Chad
The best credit help out there

I was in need of $80,000 loan and my credit score was really poor, I came to contacted Exchange credit repair even when I had my doubted if they could help increase my credit score. But, they went far beyond my expectation and increased my credit score to 685. I have been granted the loan and I have Exchange credit repair to thank for that. Thank you!

Clinton Duke
Thank you so much!

Exchange Credit repair did an amazing job to increase my credit score, I really appreciate your help because I couldn't have gotten the loan without your help. You guys are the best.

Sharon Jones
Fast and great service

They use easy and simple terms in order for us to understand. Moreover, the entire application process takes no time at all and before you know it, your money is already in your hands. You're the best!

Clara Beasley
Highly recommended for anyone

Every time i call in, i get a respectful and patient agent who is willing to help rebuild my credit. I recommend this company to anyone who credit needs to be built .

Rachel Caballero
Thankful for Exchange Credit Repair

I am extremely thankful for Exchange Credit Repair for It’s services because I’ve seen a significant difference on my credit score. The representative that helped me were super helpful and nice. I feel I am taking charge of my life again now that I have more opportunity.
Thank you!