Building New Credit

If you apply stabilization of your credit file it will improve your credit. Now that you have ordered your credit sweep and we’ve reviewed your credit reports, it is time to stabilize your credit file. This is essential to get a better credit score and is something that paves a way to a better financial status for you and your family. To begin building your credit back up again, you will need to obtain 3 Revolving Accounts and maintain 1 Installment Account. Please be sure to FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS listed to maximize your credit potential. 
First thing you MUST do to begin building positive credit history is to obtain paid off loans on your personal credit file. Ordering the credit builder CD will allow you to report paid off installment account(s) on your credit profile. You must order the CREDIT BUILDER CD ASAP 
Get the $525 Savings Loan Credit Builder CD - ONLY $9 to get STARTED with a $25 deposit which is due next month for the next 12 months to establish positive payment history into your credit reports ASAP. You will pay the balance in full within a 6 month period and then REPEAT this process 3 more times. 
The goal is to have 3-4 paid off primary (Installment Acct) loans on your credit profile. That’s why we’re only selecting the smallest one. It’s to be paid off early so you can go back for another one right away.  When you pay the first credit builder loan off completely and receive the check for $526; You must open another one using the money that was returned back to you and keep doing this same steps for 3 cycles. You have the option to pay the credit builder loan off in six months or continue paying on it monthly for 24 months at $25. It’s another form of cycling funds to boost your credit. 

3 Revolving Accounts to Obtain: 

👉🏽Get this jewelry account to add $5000 PRIMARY INTO YOUR CREDIT REPORTS for $99 membership & $108 MAXIMUM 1st-purchase of a watch. Your order total will come to $152 for the annual fee plus half for the amount for the item. ONE-TIME purchase. The following month, pay your balance in full.
👉🏽Please visit this website and apply the same strategy as you did for your my jewelry club acct above.
👉🏽The next website to visit, apply the same strategy as you previous did and obtain an account with is
**Be SURE to sign ALL of the e-contract to validate your accounts. 
Obtaining all 4 accounts will increase your FICO scores 30-150 points over 45-120 days! If you don’t do anything today, then you will definitely be in the same position for the next 2-3 years. Your mindset is 70-80% of what makes you successful. 
You also need to be sure to protect your credit by using an ID Defender. ID Defender helps halt fraud by detecting suspicious activity related to your:
👉🏽Personal Information
👉🏽Social Security No.
👉🏽Bank Accounts
And More....
Click on the link below to begin protecting your valuable information‼️