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Exchange Credit Repair has helped small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow. We provide excellent full-service programs, and we are committed to offering only competitive, convenient, and responsible financing options. Here are some of the perks you get when using this service: 

  • Your own business finance suite
  • The business credit builder program
  • 20 point compliance checklist to meet credibility standards
  • 411 listing setup
  • EIN setup access
  • Business credit report and score training
  • Help with setting up your free DUNS number and D&B
  • Experian smart business access with ongoing access
  • Starter vendors to build initial business credit
  • Store business credit sources with underwriting guidelines
  • Cash credit sources (including MasterCard and Visa)
  • 12 months of business credit advising
  • Finance qualifier
  • Access to funding programs and lenders
  • 5 years of finance officer access
  • A Paydex score of 80-90 in 60-90 days
  • Completed timeframe 6-9 months
  • $1000 worth of business merchandise
  • $50,000 guaranteed funding

When you have an existing business with a good status, you can qualify for funding. If you do have verifiable cash flow, you have a higher chance of being approved for funding. There are many programs available. 

Collateral is your business’ assets. Equipment, purchase orders, and even accounts receivables can be used as collateral. Having all these listed greatly increases your chances of being approved.

Customer Reviews

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Ian rodgers

The best professionals to work with, very honest and up to the task. I consulted Exchange credit repair professionals and they delivered the correct service that i needed. I recommend this company to anyone with a problem with their credit status and in need of counselling, you will receive smooth guidelines! Thanks to the team.

Alan sam
Exchange credit repair

Thanks much for your prompt help concerning my credit challenges. I never expected such a positive feedback! Your services are very great and i promise to recommend your company to all of my friends.

Timothy myles
faster credit repair

I had a bad credit report which was giving me lots of stress because whenever I tried to secure some finances it was in vain.Fortunately, I came across Credit exchange repair company and I decided to consult them for help where possible. I thank you the consultants in this company because they were able to repair my credit score very fast thus opening several financial opportunities for me.

Excellent services

wow! previously I never knew a well established credit companies with excellent services to customers exist until i made up my mind to try credit exchange repair company. I explained my challenges to the staff members who took the necessary steps to help me out. I appreciate you people for your great help when i was in need. I really recommend this company to all clients.

Alice carolus
convenient funding company

Exchange credit repair seems not to disappoint. I was excited with all the services that are offered by this company from my first time to work with the experts involved. The funding programs are customer friendly, easily accessible and very convenient to cater for the arising financial emergencies. Congratulations to this team for your handwork and willingness to help at any given time.